A chop for Brenda and Dave Bennett – Tampa Bay Elite Poker League

We’d like to thank our substitutes this week. We had Anthony Vitale subbing for Marv Karlins this week, Chrissy Holubeck subbing for Dave Miller, Brandon Byars for Wally, Chris Williams playing for Matt Trizis, and Tony Pellegrini playing for Andrea Ruosi. Andrea and The Duckman are expected back next week so watch out! The sub policy has worked well and allowed us to maintain the numbers needed to have five Main event seats and a couple minor $2000 packages and a freeroll package if we can average at least 22 entries (including rebuys) for the remaining 6 weeks of play. Qualified members (who have attendance including subs of 15 of the 18 weeks and 3 of the last 5 weeks) will be eligible for the freeroll if they don’t win a package. With 6 weeks left, 84 points (not including the weekly attendance point) are still up for grabs. That means all active members are still in reach of a Main Even Seat depending on what happens over the next 6 weeks.

Spring season winners: Our prior season (Spring 2021) freeroll is scheduled for Wednesday September 8. That should allow, depending on attendance, 3 minor packages of approx $1800-$2000. We will survey those members to determine.

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