Week 18 It’s WSOP Time!!! 5 Main Event seats are locked up! – Tampa Bay Elite Poker League

After some early wins by Steve Trizis, who said he’d won every hand he played (Even beating Andra Zachow’s K9♣︎♣︎ with T4dd when she flopped ♣︎♣︎)(obviously she played it wrong), he declared that he couldn’t lose. This was all during level one and before the cocktail waitress arrived.

Andra then won her chips back when Derek Worley 3 bet her over pot raise on the flop by pushing his stack in. Andra called with KK, the best hand to chip up early.

Andra, in 8th place on the leaderboard, needed to not only win this week, she slso needed Andrea Ruosi, Ginger Dave Miller & SuperDave Kaucher to all miss the final table for her to win another Main Event seat.

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