World Renowned Poker Player got his start in the TBEPL! – Tampa Bay Elite Poker League

Week 16 found local celebrity Jeremy Becker, fresh off of a HUGE win in the latest SHRTP series, on top of the leaderboard after chopping with Ginger Dave Miller who has moved into 5th place this season.

We had several subs again this week keeping us consistently at 22-24 buy ins per week at this point and 5 Main Event seats already. We had Mike Beattie subbing for Michael Laake, Alex Brown subbing for Andrea Ruosi, and Chrissy Holubeck for Matt Trizis.

The night started with some early knockouts and plenty of straights winning pots.

At the feature table, Dave Miller was all in on the river with a straight taking most of Mike Beattie’s stack.

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