A chop for Jim Brinkley’s substitute and Jacob Naumann! – Tampa Bay Elite Poker League

Had to get a picture while Steve Trizis is still in (Subbing for Jim Brinkley)

Joe was all in on the river and Dave B claimed to maybe be folding Jacks. Joe showed 22 for a set!

Dave Bennett, short, was all in on the river. Doc Brown called and Dave’s KK was better than Doc’s 8 (Dave thought he had the Q & started to get up…)

It was a draw Dave =Joe


DaveB 88> Ryan A7o aipf

Steve flopped the flush and was generously rewarded.

Steve talked a lot because he had trip fives

Huge double for Darryl when John G had the straight & put Darryl all in on the turn. Darryl called for the board to pair on the river & the cards listened. FH for Darryl.

Doc B 88 > Ryan QJ aipf

Steve QJ > Doc B J8
Doc out

Jacob found a fold with his QJhh

Mark Winchell doubled through Austin Fowler

Victor QQ > Austin AK

Kk At 600/1200 Jim “JDawg “ Collins raised to 4k, John G called. Jacob rr to 35K. JDawg tank folded. Jacob showed Ac. John G though a long time and called with 99 for all of his chips. Jacob turned over AK and flopped a K, turned an A for the knockout.

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