SuperKenny not SuperDave – Tampa Bay Elite Poker League

We had two substitutes this week: Kenny O’Donnell playing for Andrea Ruosi and Chrissy Holubeck playing for Marv Karlins. It took awhile for the league to realize it was Kenny who is a notable area player. He was wearing glasses so everyone had their guard down as they thought he was just “Some Guy”. As the night wore on the players realized that they couldn’t win. It wasn’t “Some Guy”, it was Ken f***ing O’Donnell. Game Over.

At the feature table, 100/200 blinds, 4 players called Andra Zachow’s 500 open. On a 822 flop, Andra bet 2200 chasing everyone out except Jeremy Becker who is still stinging from a triple barrel at the hard rock at least six weeks ago. Andra declared a “down bet” (2000) when the turn was a T. Jeremy called, but was worried (at least that’s what he said). Andra declared another “down bet” (she checked). Jeremy called her check and they both flipped over 99.

Jason check called Andra until the river when he bet, hoping Andra had the Ace. She didn’t and folded. Jason showed quad fours! Too bad no high hands in the league, quads twice so far!

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